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Tesco ad turns jim jam ban into sham

TESCO’S ban on shoppers in jim jams was exposed as a sham yesterday — after customers pointed out its ads show Martin Clunes buying milk in his pyjamas.

The Men Behaving Badly star, 48, is seen dashing into a store in striped PJs during a camping trip in the 2007 telly ads.

One mum said: “Why is it OK for posh Mr Clunes, but not for normal people like us?”

Tesco spokesman David Nieberg said the telly commercial was not meant to reflect real life. He added: “We do appreciate the irony.

“But another ad shows a shopper getting picked up in a hot air balloon — and we do not provide parking facilities for balloons.”

The Sun told yesterday how a Tesco in St Mellon’s, Cardiff, banned PJs for “causing offence or embarrassment” to other shoppers.


We sent Sun reporters to see if other High Street stores were anti-pajamas. Click on the images to the right to see what happened …


TESCO seems to have a smarter dress code than Britain’s poshest department store HARRODS.

Our pyjama-clad reporter Nicky Harley got past security guard Neil Rayson with barely a second glance in Knightsbridge, West London, above. He said: “My only concern is the slippers on the escalators. That could be dangerous.”

There were no nightmares for our girls shopping at other high street stores either.

So bosses at Tesco’s St Mellons branch in Cardiff may be alone in their anti-pyjama drive.


NOBODY batted an eyelid when our reporter turned up in PJs at WATERSTONE’S in Leeds.

She said: “I even asked for the self-help section and no one cracked a smile.”


THERE were no doormen to stop Nicky entering DEBENHAMS in London.

And the worst she experienced was “the odd stare from the beauty concession staff”.


EVERYONE stopped and stared when our girl walked into CURRYS in Leeds.

But a giggling male assistant told her she was “cool” and welcome back in PJs any time.


THERE were smiles and giggles at our pyjama wearer in MARKS & SPENCER, Solihull, West Midlands.

But she spent ten minutes there and “didn’t get kicked out”.